Saturday, June 23, 2007

God vs. Devil

"God is someone who can absorb Devil without becoming devilish. Devil is someone who cannot absorb god without becoming Godly"


Be Yourself !

"Always remember, whatsoever I say to you, you can take it in two ways. You can simply take it on my authority, 'Because I say so, it must be true' -- then you will suffer, then you will not grow. Whatsoever I say, listen to it, try to understand it, implement it in your life, see how it works, and then come to your own conclusions. They may be the same, they may not be. They can never be exactly the same because you have a different personality, a unique being. Whatsoever I am saying is my own. It is bound to be in deep ways rooted in me. You may come to similar conclusions, but they cannot be exactly the same. So my conclusions should not be made your conclusions. You should try to understand me, you should try to learn, but you should not collect knowledge from me, you should not collect conclusions from me. Then your mind-body will grow.


Here I am !

A lover was plunged in prayer when Satan appeared and said,
"How long are you going to go on crying, 'O Allah!
Shut up because you'll never get an answer."
The lover was sad and hung his head in silence.
Then, he had a vision of Prophet Khidr who said,
"Why have you stopped calling on God?"
"Because the answer 'Here I am' did not come."
Khidr said, "God Himself has ordered me to come to you
And say, "Wasn't it I who commanded you to pray?
Wasn't it I who made you busy with My Name?
Your calling out, 'Allah, Allah!' was My 'Here I am!'
Your longing for Me was My messenger to you:
Of all your tears and cries and supplications,
I was the magnet and it was I who gave them wings."

-------------------------RUMI (Mathnawi)

Friday, June 22, 2007


The breath of the Flute player,
Does it belong to the flute?


desire & reason

It is the nature of Reason to see the End;
it is the nature of desire not to.


Lust and the secret

When the Heart becomes whole
it will know the flavors of falsehood and truth.
When Adam's greed for forbidden fruit increased,
it robbed his heart of health.
Discernment flies
from one who is drunken with desire.
He who puts down that cup
lightens the inner eye,
and the secret is revealed.



When you are with everyone but me,
you're with no one.
When you are with no one but me,
you're with everyone.
Instead of being so bound up with everyone,
be everyone.
When you become that many, you're nothing.